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Brew9, situated in Brunei, is an F&B business known for its coffee expertise, diverse drinks, and delightful desserts. With a tech-oriented approach, they aim to evolve by adopting digital changes like a customer-centered app, internal systems, POS, kiosk orders, and data analytics. Their Brew9 Mobile Ordering App has attracted over 10,000 users. Currently operating three stores, Brew9 exemplifies how technology improves the online ordering experience. Their innovative mindset and customer focus challenge traditional expectations in the F&B industry, offering features like gamified rewards, memberships, live order tracking, and e-vouchers.


Brew9 wanted something brand new for their version 2.0 app. Their goal is to have a stronger branding, scalable & able to incorporate sub-brand products.

Of course, with all these new features, it also requires a revamp on their kiosk, queing display and POS system.


We crafted a whole ecosystem for Brew9. which includes everything mentioned above. A strong brand identity? Check. More user friendly solution? Check.

All these are paired with delightful design elements and microinteraction that'll make their users delighted.

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