Dooran Dooran

Illustration / UX/UI / Visual Design / Web Design


Dooran·Dooran is an online platform focuses on sales of premium durians & its related products. The platform breaks out from the traditional brick & mortar operation and opted for a online sales channel instead.

Through our 3-step checkout solution, Dooran·Dooran managed to achieved a staggering considerable revenue through the platform; and this is achieved during the pandemic season.


Durian are typically sold on brick & mortar stalls in Malaysia. And due to the pandemic itself, Dooran·Dooran needed an alternative way to sell their existing yield as customers preferred to stay indoors.

Being a trailblazer in the industry, we'll need to design a platform that allows faster checkout; while also allows Dooran·Dooran to use the site as an education platform to the public.


As durian season in Malaysia are relatively short, Crosense team have to enhance the existing platform within 2 weeks. With the collective effort of the team, we came out with a 3-step checkout process; where customers are able to grab the durians they love quicker, without all the friction.

The team then further enhanced the site with a new site hierarchy, and features like referral system and more.

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