3D Animation / UX/UI / Visual Design / Web Design


PlayCoin is a company that specializes in offering kiosk machines that allow customers to buy and browse the latest games, take advantage of promotional offers, e-vouchers from online stores, and access to bundle packages.

The PlayCoin kiosk machine is outfitted with an advanced AI system that analyzes the user's gender and age, delivering tailored game recommendations depending on the user's preferences.


As the existing kiosk software are clunky & generic, our team at Crosense wanted to turn things around. It is also something new to the team as this is the first time they're designing for a kiosk machine.


Crosense work closely with PlayCoin to offer a unique experience for the customers, we iterate a lot with layouts & flow to find out how we can utilize the kiosk machine's potential to the fullest. We uses a lot of 3D visual assets to provide a more engaging experience, and that resonates with their customer base too.

At the same time, we also developed a simple-to-use admin platform for PlayCoin merchant to monitor & manage the kiosk content.

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