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ChargeSini helps EV users in Malaysia to discover charging network all around Malaysia. They strives to create a nationwide EV charging infrastructure by enabling businesses to rapidly install and deploy a charging network.

It not only helps to solve the woes of the lack of EV charging stations in Malaysia, but at the same time they are accelerating the nation's adoption to the EV market.


The key challenge here is to create an ecosystem around the concept itself. As EV are still relatively new in Malaysia, it poses a challenge for the team to find prospective users to interview and find out their pain points.


With the help from local EV drivers community, we're able to grab valuable data points & feedback that immensely helps our ideation process. As they are different charging protocols & wattages, we created a solution that helps the driver to find the exact charging points that are compatible with their EV.

We also further value add to the platform by allowing charging point reservation, monitoring feature for users to check their charging status, & a solution that talks to the IOT parking reservation device on parking site. All done through the ChargeSini app & web platform.

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