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OrderLive is a live-commerce solution that automates the order capturing process between business & consumers. The business user will appreciate that all orders captured are accurate; while consumers are able to get the items they wanted. All these are done automatically on OrderLive.

Crosense also designed OrderLive with deep integration in mind. Business users are able to seamlessly integrate it with CRM solutions on the market. As as SAAS (Software As a Service) solution, business users are able to use OrderLive with just an affordable price, while getting up-to-date features without hidden fees.

The data that we captured also provides additional insights on sales data, inventory trend, which helps business user to make more informed decisions.


Creating an user-friendly interface is essential for the success of the social CRM platform. It will solve the biggest pain point of live commerce sellers now; which they will face issues capturing orders manually when the livestreaming session is popular. The manual process takes a lot of time to complete an order, and directly affecting the efficiency of the business


Crosense help OrderLIVE capture sales without the manual intervention and designed features like captures order with the help of comments tracking, live broadcast flow, and WhatsApp commerce. OrderLive supports multiple streaming platforms and our live broadcast flow feature helps sellers to empower both seller and customers. With WhatsApp commerce, sellers can easily receive cash on delivery and send invoices. The system simplifies order collection through keywords and tags while automatically selecting lucky winners. We focused on visual appealing interface and usability to empower sellers and provide a seamless experience for customers.

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