About ChargeSini helps EV users in Malaysia to discover charging network all around Malaysia. They strives to create a nationwide EV charging infrastructure by enabling businesses to rapidly install and deploy a charging network. It not only helps to solve the woes of the lack of EV charging stations in Malaysia, but at the same […]


About PlayCoin is a company that specializes in offering kiosk machines that allow customers to buy and browse the latest games, take advantage of promotional offers, e-vouchers from online stores, and access to bundle packages. The PlayCoin kiosk machine is outfitted with an advanced AI system that analyzes the user’s gender and age, delivering tailored […]

Dooran Dooran

About Dooran·Dooran is an online platform focuses on sales of premium durians & its related products. The platform breaks out from the traditional brick & mortar operation and opted for a online sales channel instead. Through our 3-step checkout solution, Dooran·Dooran managed to achieved a staggering considerable revenue through the platform; and this is achieved […]


About OrderLive is a live-commerce solution that automates the order capturing process between business & consumers. The business user will appreciate that all orders captured are accurate; while consumers are able to get the items they wanted. All these are done automatically on OrderLive. Crosense also designed OrderLive with deep integration in mind. Business users […]